Painted varnishes are 30% solutions of resins in pinene, with the exception of kopalovy varnish, where kopalovy resin is dissolved in linseed oil. The following types of varnishes are available,…

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A brush is nothing more than a simple tool to help an artist complete his plan. But as with every tool with brushes, you must also be able to handle.…

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SIMONETTA VESDUCHI (SIMONETTA DEI CATTANEY) Beloved Sandro Botticelli The wife of Marco Vespucci, whose brother, Amerigo, gave his name to America, discovered by Christopher Columbus. The great artist Sandro Botticelli…

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jewelry encrusted

Art criticism analysis and description of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Nude” painting

Parisians are born with all the shortcomings, but the wonderful fairy gives any flaw to their charm and enchantment. This fairy is grace.
Heinrich Heine
The painting “Naked” was written by Pierre-Auguste Renoir during the transitional period of his work, when the development of his art was approaching the zenith of fame after difficult years of misunderstanding and sharp criticism: “Rough blots, inspiring thoughts of decaying flesh – this was the first time they spoke about my paintings. It is not surprising that from time to time, Monet and I, to distract ourselves, ate a shpigovanny turkey, which was poured with chambertin, ”Renoir later recalled.
The artist embodied a completely new idea of ​​the ideal of female beauty, which was not recognized by the official Salon. Renoir did not resort to the plot scenery, like his predecessor E. Manet in the famous “Olympia”. The artist does not try to elevate his model to the goddess and thereby justify her. In the words of Edmond Duranti (in an article on painting), “The masters of antiquity created what they saw … Depict and you what you see.” The heroine of Renoir – the Parisian beauty Anna (“belle Anne”) remains a model. The model was a girl from Montmartre, who Continue reading


Watercolor is often called the most moody and unpredictable technique. This is due to many nuances of the behavior of water-based paints. An artist inexperienced in watercolor painting, even observing all the rules, may not get the result he was counting on. But at the same time, watercolor is a very grateful technique, because it allows you to get the subtle nuances of halftones that are inaccessible to any other technique.

Watercolor came to Europe during the Renaissance. All lovers of ancient painting know the “Hare” by Albrecht Durer. But only in the XVIII century, masters of English painting were the first to actively use watercolor and developed the basic principles of this technique.

When exactly the watercolor came to England – is unknown. Perhaps it was brought in by the great Dutchman Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641), who was a court painter of James I and Charles I. His work aroused keen interest of English artists of that era, and the desire to adopt his methods was completely natural. Continue reading

How to buy a genuine picture

Authentication methods when buying paintings, graphics and other works of modern art.

When you are going to buy an expensive enough painting to invest money, as a gift, or just to decorate the interior, the question inevitably arises: how to verify the authenticity of the painting.
The question is not very simple, since there is no single universal way of proving the authenticity of a picture. In each case, you have to be creative in your examination. When buying a painting, it is better to adhere to a few residually simple rules.

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Go-hua traditional Chinese painting is considered to be close in spirit and used tools to calligraphy. In China, mascara tiles, which are ground with water to the desired consistency, as…


From Italian, a palette knife is translated as a spatula. Palette knife allows you to create a complex and beautiful texture in the picture. Using a palette knife, you can…


The first market for fine arts was captured by commissioner pioneer former navy officer James Christie Sr.. Having arranged the first sale in 1766 in London, he soon already owned…


How to buy a genuine picture
Authentication methods when buying paintings, graphics and other works of modern art. When you are going to buy an expensive enough painting to invest money, as a gift, or just…