Fine art techniques
Watercolor (from Italian. Aquarello) - means painting with water-based paints. Watercolor is one of the most difficult painting techniques. The apparent simplicity and ease of watercolor painting is deceiving. Watercolor…

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The art of hand weaving is one of the oldest forms of decorative art. Each country and era made its changes in technology, interpretation of images and applied value of…

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What does an inquisitive artist need to know in mastering the watercolor technique in order to avoid the wrong path? And are there any special secrets of watercolor craftsmanship? The…

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At the end of the 20th century, the term figurative art, figurative painting, began to be used in England.
Figurative art – non-abstract paintings, subject painting – the antithesis of abstractionism, avant-garde, pop art and conceptualism.
Figurative painting is a very broad concept, which includes a variety of genres, styles and directions.
In a narrower understanding, figurative painting is a painting in which the emphasis is on the depiction of figures of people and animals.

In the XVII century, the thematic or plot picture was attributed to the high genre (grand genre) and was called the genre.
The high genre included: allegorical, battle, epic, everyday, historical, mythological and religious genres.
In recent years, in Russia the concept of a thematic picture is increasingly replaced by the term figurative.
They began to call the figurative not only the plot compositions, but also all the works on which human figures are depicted.

Portrait of Empress Catherine II with allegorical figures of the Fortress and Truth Johann Lampi 1790s Oil on canvas. 288 x 206 cm Location: Arkhangelsk Museum of Fine Arts Allegorical genre (from Greek: allegoria – allegory) is a genre of fine art in which a hidden and secret meaning is embedded in a work of art. In this genre, hard-to-imagine ideas (for example, goodness, power, power, justice, love, etc.) are shown allegorically through images of living beings, animals or human figures with attributes that have historically entrenched a symbolic, easily readable meaning. The allegorical genre is most characteristic of the art of the Renaissance, mannerism, baroque, classicism.
Duel. Belov Yuri – Figurative painting in the battle genre
The battle genre (derived from French bataille – battle) is a genre of fine art that depicts the themes of war: battles, military campaigns, singing military prowess, the fury of battle, the triumph of victory.

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The feeling of a fairy tale. Emelyanov Alexander – Figurative painting in the epic genre
Epic genre – the genre of fine art, which depicts scenes from epics and folklore.

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Figurative painting in the domestic genre
The everyday genre is the genre of fine art, which depicts everyday scenes from everyday life of a person without embellishment.

Figurative painting in the historical genre
The historical genre is a genre of fine art dedicated to historical events and figures, as well as socially significant phenomena in the history of society.

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Figurative painting in the mythological genre
Mythological (from Greek. Mythos – tradition) is a genre of fine art dedicated to heroes and events about which myths and legends of ancient peoples tell

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Figurative painting in the nude genre
Nude (came from fr. Nu – naked, undressed) – one of the genres of fine art, dedicated to the image of a naked body, mostly female. In its development, the nude is closely associated with the image of a naked human body and embodies the ideal of beauty of a given country and era. Nude is born in the Renaissance in the framework of mythological, allegorical, historical and everyday genres. The formation of a nude as a genre takes place in the 17th century with the spread of the ideas of sensualism: images of a naked body penetrate openly with a sensual beginning.

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Figurative painting in the portrait genre
A portrait (derived from the French word portrait) is an artistic image of a person with the transmission of his inner world. It is divided into individual, group, front, self-portrait.

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Figurative painting in the religious genre
Religious genre, religious painting is a genre of fine art, the main plots of which are episodes from the Bible and the Gospel.

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Figurative painting in the genre of plot-thematic painting
The plot-thematic picture is a mixture of traditional painting genres (everyday, historical, battle, compositional portrait, landscape, etc.) that arose in Soviet art criticism and in the artistic practice of the 1930s

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