Frescoes in the slough
World painting boasts an impressive history of fakes. Such things have happened at all times and in all countries. And one of the funniest hoaxes happened half a century ago…

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Making money on art is more difficult than just putting money in a bank and waiting for interest to accrue. However, the modern art market and antiques often bring more…

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From several biographical sources it is known that Michelangelo forged ancient Roman sculptures. He created a new marble sculpture, then smashed it, buried it in the garden and after some…

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Buying contemporary art, you are doing a good and very important thing. You give moral and material support to the artist – the person who lives not only for himself, the person who searches, thinks about the destination, the future and formalizes the space of ideas and experiences. Malevich, Gauguin and Klimt no longer need our attention, our understanding, or our money …

A high probability of making a mistake in the choice, since not all artists will leave a mark on the history of art.
A high probability of overpaying is to buy more than this work of art should cost for objective reasons.
Often, artists set unreasonably high prices for their work, focusing on the prices of artists with the name and baggage of exhibitions, catalogs, etc.
This is a consequence of the lack of a civilized art market in Russia – there are no statistics and a rating of contemporary artists to understand how much the work of a modern artist should cost.
Auction houses use the author’s sales figures for the last 4-5 years to determine the market value of paintings, but not all artists have experience selling at auctions.
Affordable price
300-5000 $ the price range of works of modern art, masterpieces of artists with names can cost from $ 10,000.
No other antique segment can buy the best works of artists of the first echelon for $ 10,000-15,000.

The opportunity to buy the best works
You can come to the exhibition and buy the best work, for example, purchase a picture from the cover of a catalog or from a poster. Buying the best is one of the sure-fire investment strategies!
At the exhibition “Jack of Diamonds” or “Partnership of Traveling Art Exhibitions” without a time machine, you can’t go.

Negligible risks of acquiring fake work
Intravital fakes certainly happen, but in modern art it is a rarity. In addition, you can additionally secure yourself and draw up a document confirming the authenticity of the work with an expert art critic.
As for the antique market, for example, during his entire career Corot painted about 600 paintings, but only 3,000 walk on the American market.
Half of the things presented on the market for Aivazovsky’s paintings are fakes, but they are so successful that they are bought anyway, but at lower prices. It is known that the artist himself numbered 6,000 works, while today 60,000 of his paintings are officially recognized as authentic.

A wide range of works and you can choose and plan a purchase without fuss
One of the main problems for antique art is the lack of quality offers. There is a demand for masterpieces, but rarely who sells them. If something outstanding appears, then you have to buy it in an auction struggle or in another uneconomical way.
In contemporary Russian art, there is practically no consumer competition, you can choose a work without haste and even bargain. In the West, collectors are recorded on “waiting lists” for the work of successful artists, and perhaps this will happen in our country over time.

The possibility of live communication with the author.
From the experience of personal communication, you can make your impression of the author and his potential. This helps to ensure the correctness of their choice and allows a deeper understanding of the artist.

The chance of buying a winning “lottery ticket”
When buying a work by a contemporary artist, you have a chance to buy a work with fantastic potential for price growth.
Every 100 dollars invested in the work of Damien Hirst in 1998, by 2008 turned into 1378 dollars. And $ 100 invested in the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat in 2003, now turned into $ 737.
Since 2003, Russian post-war unofficial art has grown in price by 20-40 times. So in the near future, the highly underestimated contemporary art can surprise investors.

Communication with works of modern art is able to give the owner joy, a good mood, new sensations and experiences.
In addition, the purchase of any work of art sets a peculiar educational vector – there is an incentive to deal with what you have at home.
With each new acquisition, the taste and understanding of art is growing.
No wonder they say: to understand a work of art, you need to buy it.

The opportunity to realize his potential as a visionary
Unlike those who buy proven options: Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol – a collector who can anticipate the trend has a chance to stay in art history as a visionary with a first-class collection.

Ascetic collectors, pioneers of talent and artists together go down in history
Ambroise Vollard is known to all, unlike many of Cezanne’s later buyers. He supported both financially and morally large numbers of artists, including Cezanne, Majol, Picasso, Gauguin and Van Gogh.

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Buying contemporary art, you are doing a good and very important thing. You give moral and material support to the artist - the person who lives not only for himself,…


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